Implementation of hydrogen / oxygen generators

Implementation of hydrogen / oxygen generators

Intertekconsulting LLC has the opportunity to realize hydrogen / oxygen generators with a nominal capacity from 100l / h to 1000l / h: "H2OX-100", "H2OXX-200", "H2OX-300", "H2box-Aero", "H2O- 500 "," H2OX-1000 ", are designed for separate production of hydrogen and oxygen on the basis of an electrolyzer with a tadopolymer electrolyte.

The obtained hydrogen can be used for various technological purposes:

  • For filling radiosonde and balloon shells, directly at the stations of the aerological network;
  • For flame ionization gas analyzers;
  • For ionization-flame detectors of laboratory and industrial chromatographs,
  • For the supply of hydrogen to other devices and installations;
  • Hydrogen-oxygen flame is used for cutting and welding metals.

Obtained oxygen can be used:

  • For gas flame work
  • Autonomous breathing in space and breathing apparatus
  • in medicine
  • In medical practice for the enrichment of respiratory gas mixtures;
  • Filling oxygen masks, pillows, in wards with a special microclimate;
  • Production of oxygen cocktails.
  • In the ecology
  • Purification (ozonation) of drinking water.
  • Oxygen enrichment of the aquatic environment in fisheries.