The development of weapons and military equipment (IWT)

Intertekconsulting LLC develops, manufactures and repairs weapons and military equipment (IWT) by codes (EKPS) Uniform codifier of supplies.

Class 4310 Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Also includes: compressors installed on car chassis and trailers; Marine diesel-compressors; Electrocompressor automated stations; Electrocompressors; Compressors without drive for pumping compressed air and gases; Blocks for drying and cleaning compressed air; Vacuum water-oil separators; Vacuum pumps, their components.

Class 4460 Air purification means

Includes: Collective protection means, such as filter-ventilation units, filter-ventilation plants, absorber filters, filter-absorber checkers, prefilters, prefilter cassettes, air intake devices; Electrostatic precipitators, dust collectors; Regenerative installations.

Class 6110 Equipment for control and monitoring of electrical networks

Includes: systems for managing electric power systems and power plants, including ship-based ones; Blocks and posts of control of network switches and protection; Magnetic stations, starting, control; Controllers; Rheostats of excitation; Control and protection of networks; Complete electrical distribution devices; Voltage regulators in the network; Switching equipment (switches, switches, disconnectors and drives to them); circuit breakers; Dischargers (including for systems to protect against electromagnetic impulse); Starting capacitors, phase-shifting to the industrial frequency; Contactors and reversers; Electric high-voltage devices (disconnectors, high-voltage switches, high-voltage arresters); Complete high-voltage switchgears (unsealed and sealed); Complete low-voltage devices; Low-voltage distribution devices; Electromagnetic low-voltage contractors and starters, automatic low-voltage switches, batch switches (switches), cutting low-voltage switches - disconnectors; Fusible low-voltage fuses; Push-button switches (switches); Limit switches (switches); Push-button control and protection and time relays; Electrical contact explosion-proof devices; High-voltage bushings.