Development of equipment for balancing

Development of equipment for balancing

Our company developed and manufactured equipment for balancing in one, two, three and four planes of correction of rotors.

Due to our design, we have achieved a significant reduction in the dynamic loads acting on the bearing units of the units due to their unbalance. At the same time, vibration is reduced and the life of the mechanisms is significantly increased. The results of all balances are provided in the form of protocols.

As of today, in the framework of the state defense order, practical work has been successfully carried out to reduce the relative imbalance of rotating masses (balancing) in the electric pump unit GKV DMKS.063514.001 in accordance with the methodology developed by ITK

The following procedures are implemented as part of the provision of the Services:

  • Motor balancing
  • Balancing of the driving half-coupling assembly with the electric motor
  • Balancing the "Screw assembly" assembly
  • Balancing of the pump assembly

Balancing services are performed with proper quality, all products are transferred to the Customer. The quality management system of ITK LLC is certified by Oboronsertifika according to GOST ISO 9001-2011, standards of SRPP BT, including GOST RV 0015-002-2012.

Intertekconsulting LLC does not stop at what has been achieved, now developments are continuing, in addition to balancing, our equipment could be used as a vibrating meter that measures four channels of the average quadratic value of the total vibration, the average quadratic value of the rotating component of vibration, and monitor the rotor speed. In addition, in the future, our equipment will be able to display on the display the timelines of the temporal function and the vibration spectrum at the vibration speed, which is very important in assessing the technical state of the balancing unit.