R & amp; D (Research and development)

Our company was founded on August 16, 2005. The main activity of Intertechconsulting LLC is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences related to the production and repair of equipment used in shipbuilding. The production base of "ITK" is several production and laboratory premises, divided into sections according to the areas of activity. Each production site is fully equipped with necessary, modern equipment and a tool that allows performing tasks of any complexity. Our Customers are the largest companies representing shipbuilding, chemical, oil and gas production and other industries, both in Russia and around the world. You can contact our partners and get recommendations from them about us personally.


Advanced technologies, all sorts of improvements, as well as new products are needed to implement the Customer's requests. Therefore, in order to be competitive in the market, Intertechconsulting LLC is constantly working on the search for new products and solutions taking into account the use of new technologies and materials. Our work is to improve the existing products through various forms of research, and in the process of research we are developing new products. We try to always keep abreast of the application of new technologies, products and materials that meet the requirements of our customers and the trends in their requests for future needs.

Our main goal is to organize active leadership in the industry and achieve a competitive advantage by introducing new solutions and technologies, improving existing products, and developing new unique products. In OOO ITK, the design department works in close contact with the quality control and metrology department to ensure that the new or improved products are always of high quality and comply with the stated conditions. We always divide our tasks into two main groups: scientific research and the actual development. Two of these groups are interrelated, but at the same time each of them has its own peculiarities. Research activities enable our company to find more efficient ways to produce and improve products, and development activities focus on the possibilities, implementation of these methods in the production of existing or new products.


Many Russian and foreign companies believe that working in the field of research and development is time-consuming and often very expensive, and positive results from R & amp; D in no way correspond to the costs incurred on them. However, Intertekconsulting LLC, fundamentally disagreeing with such judgments, we always invest part of the profits in research and development, which allows us to obtain greater advantages over competitors due to effective use of technologies. R & amp; D (research and development) contribute to the transfer of innovation in product development and operation and make our products more progressive and unique in their market segment.