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The National Research Technological University "MISiS" dates back to 1918 when a metallurgical department was established at the Moscow Mining Academy, on the basis of which the Moscow Steel Institute was founded.

Today NITU "MISiS" is one of the most dynamically developing scientific and educational centers of the country. Being among the leaders of technological education in Russia, NITU "MISiS" is also a full-fledged scientific center.


Bolong international supply chain management group company limited the world's first service company for supply chain service, which was honored in 2007: the brand of the international trading network of watches No. 1 in China. Has 16 years of experience in the watch industry

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The beginning of the MSTU. N.E. Bauman as an independent educational institution was laid on October 5, 1826.

Bauman University - National University of Technology and Technology - conducts research on priority and most advanced areas of science, technology and technology, based on eight technological platforms. At present, the University's strategy is aimed at training personnel for the most advanced and high-tech branches of science and technology in Russia, and the priority directions for the development of the country's economy.

Scientific and Production Association "Himavtomatika & quot; Is engaged in design and research work in the fields of creating automation tools and chemical analytical instruments. OAO NPO "Khimavtomatika" produces instruments and systems for technological and environmental control, safety devices and devices, medical equipment, and develops new innovative devices and systems.


"NIIMASH" LLC is one of the leading enterprises in the Central Federal District - a manufacturer of unique components.

The enterprise carries out manufacturing of assembly assemblies and metal parts of various complexity, taking into account the experience of manufacturing special technological and non-standard equipment


MANIBS Spezialarmaturen GmbH was founded in 1979 from Bruder Mannesmann-Remscheid and IBS Nagel-Solingen. This merger made it possible to combine the experience accumulated from the 30's of the 20th century's ready. The technology of Mannesmann sealing clamps and clamps existed by that time for more than 70 years. Until now, Manibs is the sole owner of many of the latest developments and patents.


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North-West University - The public university of South Africa, formed on January 1, 2004, consisting of three campuses in the cities of Pochefstrum, Mafikeng and Fanderbailpak. The Potchefstroom campus (formerly the Potchefstroom University of Higher Christian Education, founded in 1869 as a seminary, in 1905 included the staff of the disbanded Bürgerdorp seminary) is the largest of the campuses. Here is the headquarters of the university.


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The main activity of LLC INTERSOYUZ is the creation of automation systems and the development / production of power electronics; Production of powerful power sources: rectifiers up to 12 kW, inverters up to 6 kW; Development and implementation of software for microelectronics, controllable controllers, systems for measuring and collecting information used in instruments used in shipbuilding.


The central scientific research institution of the country, conducting research on the basic philosophical disciplines. Today, the Institute of Philosophy is the main institution coordinating philosophical work in the country.


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JSC "SKTBE" conducts its history since the Great Patriotic War. JSC "SKTBE carries out a full cycle of creating new equipment from scientific research and development to creating prototypes and serial products. JSC "SKTBE" as a subsidiary company is a part of OAO "Northern Center for Shipbuilding and Repair", and within its framework, JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation".