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Air quality management to ensure a safe environment for the crew in conditions of complete isolation from the earth's atmosphere is one of the most significant problems in the functioning of life support systems in space vehicles and submarines
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Development of equipment for balancing
In one, two, three and four planes of correction of rotors. Due to our design, we have achieved a significant reduction in the dynamic loads acting on the bearing units of the units due to their unbalance.
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Development and manufacturing of automated control systems
For the block of electric heaters with indication of the current state and protection against overheating, in order to finalize the desorption unit of the system of electrochemical air regeneration.
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Implementation of hydrogen / oxygen generators
With nominal output from 100l / h to 1000l / h: "H2OX-100", "H2OX-200", "H2OX-300", "H2box-Aero", "H2OX-500", "H2OX-1000" are designed for Separate production of hydrogen
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The development of weapons and military equipment (IWT)
Production and repair of weapons and military equipment (IWT) by codes (EKPS) Uniform codifier of supplies
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12 July 2017
18th International Specialized Exhibition "Equipment
The growth of GDP in the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 0.2-0.4%
11 July 2017
The forecast of the Bank of Russia for 2017, assumes the growth of the GDP of the Russian Federation by 1 - 1.5%
Design solutions based on linear displacement modules
10 July 2017
Linear modules for the creation and modernization of tampon printing machines
ST couplings from R + W
27 June 2017
Extension of the range of ST couplings from R + W
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Permission to apply the mark of conformity of the quality management system
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